Additions to Bundled Script Folder

To do lists for each (upcoming) 2.55.x build.
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Additions to Bundled Script Folder

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[spoiler]Global/DMap/Screen/FFC (These use Game -> pointers but are useful for the player to use in any one of these three script slots):

Game Over Music, Font, and Font Color Replacement

Built-in Shop Font Replacement

Turn Greyscale On/Off

Turn Tint On/Off

Set Max NPCs That Can Exist at Once

Set Max LWeapons That Can Exist at Once

Set Gravity Multiplier

Enable/Disable A Quest Rule Mid-Quest

Save the Game Without Prompting

Force FPS Cap

Change DMap Palette (not too useful on its own, but as an example for the user to incorporate into other scripts)

Change Map/Screen of Map/Screen's Layers (ditto)

Give Link Item (ditto)

Light/Unlight Screen (ditto)

Temporarily Enable Secrets (ditto)

Set Screen State (ditto)

Disable Map's Compass Flashing (non-Triforce-collection-dependent)

Set Save Name (Z4: THIEF)

Set Save Icon (non-Ring Level-dependent)

Hero Active:

Diagonal Walking Frames

Screen Is Greyscale/Tinted While Cursed from a Sword/Item Bubble

Controls (Directions or Buttons) Invert While Cursed from a Sword/Item Bubble

Change Hero Hitbox (i.e. quest with multiple playable characters)

Negate Hero Knockback

Change Between 4-way Old, 4-way Modern, and 8-way Movement

Hero OnDeath:

Automatically Continue or Reload Save Upon Death

Auto-Save Upon Death

Hero OnWin:

Simple Credits


Screen Secret Triggered -> Room Item Spawns

Underwater Wave Intensity

Set Sprite of Room's Guy (already in 2.53, but does not support animation)

Screen's Damage Combo Sensitivity (does this apply to Step combos or not, or is there a separate value for such?)

Disable Input (for cutscenes - can text still be progressed?)

Item (pickup)

Auto-Save the Game

Negate Hero Knockback (item-dependent)

Negate Slow Walk Combos (item-dependent)


Direction-Dependent NPC Graphic/Hitbox Height/Width (wolfie.zs but remove biting effects, leave only the size changes)

Enemy Explodes (Farore's Wind) Upon Death

Keese Spawn LWeapons (used by Mitsukara as a global function in Panoply and 6th Quest; may need added support for firing frames. Used for Fire-Dropping Keese and "Diagonal Octoroks", and I can see use of this for simple versions of Boon, Orange Moa, and Bago-Bago from Z2 [Flame/Rock EWeapon] and Zirro from Z3/Z4 [Lit Bomb EWeapon])

LWeapon/ItemSprite Detect-and-Shoot Statue (simpler version of Z3 Yomo Medusa)

Draw Tiles or Sprite While Stunned (i.e. Minish Cap style dizzy stars while the enemy is stunned)

NPC Runs Away from Link (uses DirRev)

Change NPC Weaknesses While Shooting

Change NPC Speed While Shieldless

Change NPC Weaknesses While Shieldless [Z2 Girubokku]

NPC Cycles Between Shielded and Shieldless [Z2 Girubokku]

NPC Moves Faster In Certain Directions (Z3/Z4 crab)

NPC Does Not Harm Link (i.e. no touch knockback, used for invincible enemies or moving friendly characters; set all LWeapon defenses to "ignore" and combine with EToLWeapon script below for "battle buddy")

Bashful NPC (Useful for Boo or Z3 Flying Skull, checks LinkFacing, speed is 0 or uses DirRev to run away if it is being faced, movement is normal if it is not being faced. Perhaps allow for changed sprites in each of these states. Invert this for "Weeping Angel" behavior. Something else neat that uses LinkFacing would be to change enemy weaknesses based on LinkFacing so that projectiles may only harm it when Link is not facing it [Z2 Girubokku/Boo combination]. Bashful Statue (Set EWeapon, Speed, Halt Rate, and Homing depending on LinkFacing. Might benefit from changing the combo underneath's appearance depending on LinkFacing as well, also useful for a similar behavior to Z3 Red Goriya's shooting)

Enable/Disable Enemy Knockback

Leevers Shoot While Emerged (Z3 Devalant)

Statues Stop Shooting After All Killable Enemies Are Gone

Change NPC's CSet (not too useful on its own, but as an example for the user to incorporate into other scripts)

Enable/Disable Sideview Gravity

Goriya (Boomerang Walking Enemy) That Halts Before Throwing

Attack if Hero is In X Range
Attack if Lined Up With Hero


LWeapon Explodes (Farore's Wind) Upon Death

Bait Makes Enemies Run Away (uses DirRev)

Enable/Disable Gravity


EWeapon Explodes (Farore's Wind) Upon Death

Turn EWeapon into LWeapon (see "battle buddy" idea above)

Kill EWeapon after X Frames (useful for range-limited projectile ideas like swords)

Spawn Enemy Here (always-spawning enemies or non-screen-enemy-list-dependent custom statue types)

Sign (conversion from FFC script to combo script)
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Re: Additions to Bundled Script Folder

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Trailer Focus

Gravity Multiplier
Diagonal Hero Frames

Set Save Name/Icon

Screen is Greyscale or Wavy while Cursed by a Bubble

Screen Secret -> Screen's Item Spawns

Enabled Enemy Knockback (on NPCs that don't normally have it, like wizzrobes, tektites, etc.) and Disabled Enemy Knockback (on NPCs that normally have it like walking enemies)

Enabled Sideview Gravity (on NPCs that don't normally have it) and Disabled Sideview (on NPCs that normally have it)

Direction-Dependent NPC Size

Add Angular Weapons (Three-Fireball Gleeok)

NPC Runs Away From Hero (or Bait Makes Enemies Run Away)

Direction-Dependent NPC Speed

Keese Spawn EWeapons

Leevers Shoot While Emerged

NPC Attacks if Hero in X Range

NPC Attacks if Hero Lined Up

Statues Stop Shooting After All Enemies Killed

Stunned NPC Stars

Exploding NPC Death

Intangible Walking NPC + EWeapon-to-LWeapon Conversion (friendly NPC that can harm enemies)

Short-Lived EWeapon (used with sword sprites)

Clock-Spawning Item Script

Sign Combo Script

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