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I'm trying to be really cautious of being overly ambitious with something that I can't possibly hope to accomplish, but I really feel like I should at least have SOME kind of a road map for the overall story I'm wanting to tell with this game I've been kicking around for a long time, now.

I've got an idea for a hard reboot of The Legend of Zelda -- but I know I'll have to change all of the names anyway. And half my ideas aren't even from Zelda at all, but the idea is to take bits and pieces of each to create a complete, coherent story that takes place over the course of a SINGLE self-contained trilogy

How many trilogies do you guys know?

You know, that first story is always an adventure that introduces the characters and the setting, and the protagonists score a minor, but significant victory over the antagonists. Blew up the Death Star, defeated the Nazgul, took great responsibility, chose to do what's necessary, etc.

The second story always has some kind of tragedy in it, some kind of a horrifying reveal that will break your hero and make them want to quit being Spider-Man because Darth Vader's your dad and the Machines are going to destroy Zion, and the hero has nothing to threaten the villain with, nothing to do with all of his strength. And the hero loses. Even if he walks out in front of the whole First Order with a Laser Sword. He loses. Bad. (That's for all of you Kingdoms of Amalur / Matrix / Harvey Dent fans) :

The third one always opens up with somebody needing to be rescued. A chancellor, a smuggler, Digital Jesus in the Train Station, broken shell of a dude hiding in his house for 8 years out of shame, coming to the most unfindable place in the galaxy, etc. But they always Return, whether it's the Jedi or a King, or some rich kid waging a war to save his stuck up girlfriend, or Tobey Maguire's dignity, Dad's soul - Ba dum! Ba dum! Ba dun dun dun!

(And, no that's not all 100% set in those positions, Hermit Luke counts as a Part 2, but you catch my drift.)

But THAT's the basic idea I had. It's like a Hero of Time Trilogy. I can't stress how hesitant I am to call the first quest an "Ocarina of Time Conversion" because tapping into that nostalgia really isn't my goal, here. I'm not trying to be faithful to the source material, I'm not worried about the canon.

Yes, the general structure is basically the same as Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. But this kind of stuff REALLY gets on my nerves. Yes, it's technically "faithful" and "accurate", and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it completely misses the entire point of Link to the Past's overworld design. That's just not what my goal is.

So, please understand... this is NOT an Ocarina of Time Remake! I will not hesitate to absolutely guit it like a fish in order to tell a good story with good gameplay. I don't even care if it's ultimately a collaborative project among the community -- I believe in this idea whole heartedly and I'm not looking for recognition, but I don't have the technical knowledge it requires to do this project the justice that it deserves.

(I'll make another thread about this, but here's a sketch of the basic structure of "Book One"


I want to pull elements from all the games to be able to distill the very best of the entire series down to three stories that would have the room to really explore those themes like Batman Begins was an exploration of "fear".

1 - Ocarina of Time / Minish Cap / Ages / Z1 (Back to the Future)
2 - Majora's Mask / Twilight Princess / Z2 (Back to the Future 2)
3 - Skyward Sword / Spirit Tracks (Back to the Future 3)

Back to the Future is actually a really solid template for this kind of a story.

The best part of it, though... is that I think that I can damn near copy the entire plot of Back to the Future and it would still work BETTER in a Zelda Trilogy than it did in Back to the Future. What was Back to the Future's climax, as a trilogy? The Demise of the Old West?

Hello? Anyone home? Think, McFly, think!

Days of Future Past.
Donnie Darko.
Deja Vu.
The Flashpoint Paradox.
The Butterfly Effect

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Re: Storyboarding

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So, one of the things that's always bugged me about Zelda is that while there are always "groups" of dungeons focused around specific things, none of them have fuckall to do with each other. The Spiritual Stones have nothing to do with the Fused Shadow, for some reason, Lorule, The Dark World, and the Twilight Realm are all different places? That's ridiculous.

But since I'll need to define my own setting separate from Zelda's copyright, I figured I could approach that issue with something like this:

Thematic Elements ... sp=sharing


TV Tropes ... rosJourney ... tStructure

TXT Files from GameFAQs

Extra Credits Open-World Design

What Writers Should Learn From Batman Begins

Ocarina of Time - A Masterclass in Subtext

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