Game Over Misc. Colour

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Game Over Misc. Colour

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Currently, the Game Over screen's background colour is colour 0 of CSet 0. Please add this to Misc. Colours, and if impossible, add a note saying so somewhere in the docs or Misc. Colours dialog.

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Re: Game Over Misc. Colour

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In 2.55, the background color is a system UI solid black color. While not *yet* modifiable in ZQ, this CAN be modified via ZScript; 'Game->GameOverScreen[]'; use the 'GOS_' constants from 'std_constants.zh'. You can change quite a lot about the game over screen, and can also modify what all the text that displays says using 'Game->GameOverStrings[]'; constants right below the previous ones. You... would do 'Game->GameOverStrings[GOS_RETRY] = "QUIT";' to make it say 'QUIT' instead of 'RETRY'.
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