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My Fan Fiction

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This is a listing of all the fan fiction I've made including brief summaries.
Whenever I have a copy of the relevant material, I will include a link to it.


In the Balance- Archer and crew encounter a technologically advanced race which seizes control of the ship and uses it to fight a war for them. Set during the events of "Shuttlepod One"

The Original Series

The Guardians- on a distant planet, Kirk discovers a device which calls itself the Guardian of Everything and claims that its creators need his assistance. The ship is launched into the deep past where they must aid the legendary Preservers in a conflict with the predecessors of the Borg.
Khan- in the near future, a young man determines to alter the course of history by preventing the exile of Khan. As a result, the villain lives through a series of events which alter his personality. However, this causes irreparable harm to the timeline and Kirk must find a way to undo the damage. In the end, Khan remembers both realities as he perishes.
Dark Image- Kirk is contacted by Spock in the Mirror Universe who requests his assistance in an attempt to overthrow the Terran Empire. The crew of the Enterprise engage in a series of thrusts against that regime, ultimately leading to its downfall.
Voyage and Voyager- a ship thought to be lost many years ago turns up in the present, its crew sent forward in time by accident and altered significantly in the process.
The Final Enemy- Kirk and Spock are captured by an alien race ruled by an all-powerful computer which controls every aspect of their lives. After trying several times to escape, Kirk is able to convince the machine that its actions are harmful and destroys it.
Dark Mystery- a disaster is blamed on the Enterprise and its crew seems destined to face harsh punishment. However, Spock discerns that they were framed and their investigation uncover a group of imposters who have infiltrated the Federation.
Timesiege- while delivering a group of scientists to study the Guardian of Forever, a Klingon spy who had stowed away leaps thru the portal to alter the past. Kirk and his companions have no choice but to pursue, finding themselves in the 60’s just days before the Cuban Missile Crisis which the Klingon evidently wants to use to destroy the Federation before it is created.
Enigma- a Romulan plot involving a derelict ship and a virus which allows them to remotely control the Enterprise and use it to start a war.
Into the Fire- while Spock is away on a mission, Kirk is sent by Starfleet to investigate an apparent violation of the Prime Directive. However, they learn that the Vulcan is the violator and must take him in custody to face justice for his crime. During his investigation of his friend’s action, Kirk learns of a plot to use the Prime Directive as a shield to hide the placement of forces that plan to take over the Federation.
Honor’s Choice- the Enterprise and a Klingon ship are whisked to a distant world by a race which is slowly starving due to a disaster on their world. Although the Klingons are initially only concerned with going home, eventually they team up with the Enterprise to solve the problem.
Time’s Inferno- an alternate reality created by the Gorn in an attempt to defeat the Federation self-destructs.
The Edge of Infinity- entering an unknown system after determining that it contains a civilization, the Enterprise finds a wreck at the edge of the area. It is a duplicate Enterprise, which has somehow been destroyed a few days in the future. Upon reaching the planet, they learn that a few members of the crew have survived on the surface and that the hostility of these aliens towards them as a result of the disaster which is fated to occur because of their reaction to its occurrence is what destroys the ship. The Enterprise manages to evade destruction, but doesn’t prevent the catastrophe.
Destiny’s Fate- ???
Dark Crisis- a strange plague that seems to absorb whatever it contacts turns out to be a sentient lifeform which is striving to conquer the galaxy.
The Dark Side of Time- a strange life form menaces the crew.

The Next Generation

Nemesis- a coalition between the Ferengi, Cardassians and Romulans threatens the Federation.
Drone- in the distant future, peace between the Borg and the Federation has been established at last. During a tour of space, a starship picks up a drone that apparently originates in the 24th century and returns it to its kind. This results in a revival of the Borg menace. The ship travels back in time to change things, but inadvertently causes the very events it was meant to stop.
Juggernaut- a Borg drone uses an elaborate masquerade as part of a plot to overthrow the Federation.
Solutions- a temporal incursion erases the events of this novel and the last two.
The Data Files- Data is accused of murder of the Medusan ambassador, partially because he is one of the few crewmembers able to encounter it without protection.
Timeframe- a time traveler attempts to frame Picard for a crime he didn’t commit.
Quest- following the events of Star Trek: Generations, Kirk is revived.
The Eye of the Storm- a Romulan plot is foiled.
Dark Parallel- sequel to Dark Image. The Mirror Universe recruits Picard to help them fight against the Borg.
Forces of Chaos- the Enterprise encounters a race which used a variety of mind control and duplicates in a bid for galactic dominance.
Dark Objective- sequel to above.
The Anti-Time War- the aliens encountered in The Edge of Infinity return, wielding weapons which can affect the past.
Dark Realm- the Enterprise encounters an alien race that can transform any species into one of their own with a single touch. As the crew is slowly changed, Picard works to find a cure.
Final Impact- a world is threaten by a rogue moon and a rival world that is responsible for the danger to it.
Legacy of Fire- while on a mission to infiltrate a pirate gang, Worf has the Enterprise’s security codes taken from him; which they then use in a bid to capture it. The crew must use their superior knowledge of the ship to defeat the intruders.
Dark Reflection- the Enterprise is trapped is a pocket of subspace and must find a way to escape.
Times Q- during a mission to Cardassia Prime, the ship encounters a series of temporal anomalies and Q. Upon arrival, they discover even more anomalies and it quickly becomes clear that the barrier between realities is breaking down. The Enterprise must work with alternate versions of themselves, ships from the future and their enemies to find an answer. Ultimately, they must risk the fate of the universe to stop the entity behind the attacks.
To Kill a Q- after Q brings dire warnings to Picard, a group of malevolent entities with similar powers are released and Q’s son appears from the future to tell them that every conceivable existence is in danger. This ultimately leads to the reappearance of 0, both a present and future version; as well as details on his origins and those of his companions. Eventually, it is determined the none of them can actually compel obedience; while Q gains the power to exist in multiple realities and defeats his opponents.

Deep Space Nine

Conundrum- a changeling appears and hold the lives of Sisko and Quark hostage unless the crew helps him return to his home in the Gamma Quadrant.
Beyond the Threshold- a species from the Gamma Quadrant somehow transports the station thru the wormhole and gets its assistance in a fight against the Borg.
Rendez-Q- Q gets the aid of the crew to stop a threat to reality.
The End of Forever- the Guardian of Forever is dying and alterations to the past are vanishing with it. Only by restoring it can anything be saved.
Project: Intruder- a group of time travelers frames Sisko for a crime which he must then solve or risk losing his career.
Timetrack- Q takes the crew into alternate universes and the far future and past to stop the destruction of the universe.
Paradox- a Doomsday machine is used to assault the Federation.
Blade of Night- Romulans infect Vulcans with a disease that causes them to lose control of their emotions, then offer a cure in exchange for their help in fighting the Federation. While Sisko tries to stop a disaster, Bashir races to discover an antidote.
Manhunt- after being falsely arrested, Sisko breaks free and returns to Deep Space Nine to investigate the crime for which he has been charged.
The Second Evil- ???
Apocalypse Rising- A plot initiated by the apparently mad Gul Dukat tricks the crew into helping to bolster the cause of the Dominion.
Futures Lost- the race from The Edge of Infinity uses a weapon which causes the crew to experience alternate realities.
Invader Within- Gul Dukat tricks the Federation into delivering their secrets to him.
The Romulan War- the crew travels back in time to aid a famous Admiral from that conflict.
The Mists of Time- a temporal anomaly threatens the lives of everyone on the Defiant.
The Other Side of Nowhere- after receiving a tip about a plan by Gul Dukat which could win the war, Sisko, Bashir, Odo and Garak go to investigate. During his absence, the station is menaced by a damaged Borg cube, a Dominion fleet and a ship capable of temporal incursions. Upon reaching their goal, Garak is given cryptic clues by the person in charge of the base and the group is met by Dukat; who then takes Sisko into custody. However, Sisko escapes with some aid from the Aegis and Dukat is left wondering whether any of these events ever occurred. Bashir and the rest escape and return to Deep Space Nine, only to have Sisko inexplicably appear aboard even as the space station is swallowed by the wormhole. Sisko had been thrown back in time and learned that these events were caused by Spock from the Mirror Universe to alter his past, but other interlopers have damaged the result. They flee into the wormhole and learn it is necessary to create the Orb of the Emissary. After doing so, they leave and are towed to Cardassia Prime; which is then attacked by the same Dominion fleet that had already appeared and the Orb is stolen. They also realize that this timeline must not be allowed to exist and return to their timeline. Since the wormhole is under assault, Sisko attempts to use the Fire Caves to reach the Prophets. Gul Dukat intervenes, but is eventually convinced to aid them. They succeed in sending a message to alter the past, but the fate of those who experienced these things is unclear. ... of-Nowhere


Darkfall- Voyager in a remote star system in flight from the Borg.
Rise of Darkness- Voyage alone against the Borg.
Darkfire- Voyager crosses paths with the Borg again.
Timefactor- an alien race hires an agent who can travel thru time to destroy Voyager to prevent a catastrophe which threatens them but he learns that his own interference is responsible for the disaster.
Survivor- a perfect chameleon threatens the crew.
Terminus- Voyager uncovers a plot by the Borg to travel back in time and interfere with V’Ger so it destroys Earth.
Vortex- ???
The Next Excalibur- a Romulan plot involving a secret base in the Delta Quadrant.
Timepiece- time is shattered.
Powerstorm- Kes’ abilities go out of control and threaten the ship.
Timestrike- a temporal battle involving the Borg.
The Final Nexus- the aliens from The Edge of Infinity open a front in the Delta Quadrant.
Into the Abyss- Voyager is trapped by a black hole.
The Guardian Project- a ship that was lost hundreds of years ago is found, apparently having been a secret effort to develop effective time travel. The crew attempts to steal technology from Voyager and take it into the past.
Force of Q- a deadly anomaly robs Q of his powers.

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Re: My Fan Fiction

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Are you going to post PDFs of these?

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Re: My Fan Fiction

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I can create some for the 3 which I still have copies of.
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