Notice to Players Ranking the Quests

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Notice to Players Ranking the Quests

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Notice to All Players

NoScript Browser Extension, and Submitting the Form
If you use the NoScript extension (or similar script blocking tools) for your web browser, you will need to permit the contest form to run its script, otherwise, when you fill out and submit it, it will fail and you will lose your submission data.

ZC Bugfix
We have just today fixed a longstanding bug in ZC Player, where after you exit a quest with an A+B subscreen, under specific conditions, if you were to load a B-Only type quest, you would not be able to use Swords (or any A-button item).

The new build of 2.53.1, Beta 39 fixes this issue, and a few other minor bugs. We advise you to update to this build, as quests in this contest use both A+B and B-only subscreen modes, so you would be firced to restart ZC Player when loading one quest after exiting another, depending on their settings. This new ZC build is free of this annoyance.

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