Zelda Classic 2.53.1, Beta 46

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Zelda Classic 2.53.1, Beta 46

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To coincide with the 20th Anniversary, 6th Quest Contest, (Discord Server) we're working on the next maintenance release of Zelda Classic 2.53.1.

If you are interested, you can download the latest contest build here.

The quest that wins the contest will be included in the final build of ZC 2.53.1

Beta 46
  • Fixed possible crash and bad error message for Screen->Combo[] errors.
Beta 45
  • Slight timing fix to directItemA, for B-only quests.
Beta 44
  • You can now press C in the Tile Editor to copy a tile, then, select a range of tiles and press F to FLOODFILL paste the copied tile to every position.
  • In the Tile Editor, electing multiple tiles, pressing C, then selecting multiple tiles and pressing O will now overlay the copied selection tot he dest selection, triming overflow.
  • Mass Overlay now works properly, overlaying to each tile space, rather than overlaying to the first tile and copying the result of that overlay to the remaining spaces.
Beta 43
  • Make default cheat modkeys SHIFT, not CTL+SHIFT.
Beta 42
  • Added a new Quest Report type: Bugged Next-> Combos.
    This will scan a quest for any Next-> combo type that also has a secret
    flag on it, and report that this may be erroneous. (It is legal to
    place these flags, but they must be EXTERNALLY triggered. They no
    longer trigger when the Next-> combo is activated.)
  • Added extra sanity guards and reports to Link->Warp, and Link->PitWarp.
Beta 41
  • Intermediate changes included in the 40 and 42 sections to do with Quest Reports.
Beta 40
  • Fixed a bug where custom quests would advance to 1st qsuest on winning them.
  • Added Game->IncrementQuest() for use by 6th entries that have custom credits.
  • Backported Rob's fixes for abc list size from 2.55..
Beta 39
  • Backported the Linux console from 2.55 to 2.53.1.
Beta 38
  • Fixed the initialisation of forced_awpn and forced_bwpn on firstplay.Fixed a bug where exiting a quest with an A+B subscreen, and starting
    to play a B-only subscreen quest preventing using the A-item.
Beta 37
  • Writing Link->Equipment now persists through screen and DMap changes.
Beta 36
  • Backport ZQ Minimap Enhancements from 2.55.
  • Backported non-rect minimap frame from 2.55.
  • Backport ZQuest ABCList Options in Settings Dialogue from 2.55
  • Backport all JWin Enhancements to this date and time from 2.55.
  • You can now type in 'abc' listers to jump to an entry.
  • You can now use either / or \ in paths used by import and #include directives.
  • No-matter what colour you set as trans, the unused tile spots in the tile editor are now always black with a grey X. They no longer use the colour assigned to the 0th index of their cset. InvalidStatic mode is unchanged.
  • ZVersion 0.7.3: Fixed missing lessthan token.
  • Fixed toggling Use Pal CSet in the Enemy Editor.
  • The emulation option for Old / Bugged Bush->Next+Flag is on by default for quests made in 2.50.3RC1, or earlier.
  • Add H, S, L Hotkeys (Shift or Control) to Colour Picker.
  • Fix include paths ordering grabbing incorrect files.
  • Updated cset.txt.
  • Optimize arithmetic comparisons to 0, in 2.53 parser.
  • Updated ZScript.txt.
  • Prevent crash, and log issue, on ZASM overflow
Beta 35
  • Added the .zdoors file type. You can now export and import doorsets.
  • Fixed crashes with long filenames overflowing the char buffers[] on some save and load routines.
  • Fixed issues compiling on Linux/g++.
Beta 34
  • Fixed a crash when using header guards and also declaring constants in the buffer.
Beta 33
  • Disable anti-cheating memory obfustification to see if it is the cause of virus scanner red flags.
  • Added ASCII Art Logo to Console.
  • Quest [METADATA] is now shown in the console, and I added logging for older formats (back to 1.80) along with build, gamma, and beta metadata, as much as possible with known variables and the available source allows.
Beta 32
  • Added Link->Eaten, backported from 2.55.
  • Added sanity bounds and error logging to Screen->Combo*[pos].
Beta 31
  • Fixed an access clash between tile warp and warp ring dialogues.
Beta 30
  • Added fire/animation to the new AGN logo. It's done. Please...No more.
Beta 29
  • Added new splash logo theme, by stk13, resequenced into a shorter loop.
  • Fixed title screen copyright years. They are now automated at compilation.
  • Added new AGN Splash Screen and Audio
Beta 28
  • Fixed vine tiles in story scroll; updated qst.dat.
Beta 27
  • Disabled a trace on Ganon's dustpile creation.
  • All roomtypes now allow a 'Generic Catchall' set via the menus.
Beta 26
  • Can now use 'item2' and 'item3' for counters, in the Subscreen Editor, as intended.
    • These allow for multiple item families to increment a single 'sum' counter.
  • Fixed an unintentional fallthrough in switch(itemtype) inside subscr.cpp.
Beta 25
  • Allow setting all item pickup flags. In quests last saved in 2.50.x Build 32 or lower, it remains blocked.
Beta 24
  • Reset combo anims before importing or exporting .ZCOMBO files, as otherwise they will be corrupted by offsets.
  • Make ZASM errors for scommand printf format %lu, not %ld.
  • Fixed the DMap Selection window not drawing a preview, or other data.
Beta 23
  • Made header guards strict to the filename, instead of the quotedstring. They are still case-insensitive.
  • Disabled compiler import/include logging.
  • Added missing ghost.cfg file to ./headers.

For older changes, please see the original thread for 2.53.1 Beta.

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