OpenZC, The ZQuest Creator Suite

ZQuest Creator Suite is a free and open source set of programmes, similar in scope and purpose to Pico-8, GameMaker, and RPGMaker, that allow you to create custom games in a style similar to the NES (Famicom), Super NES (Super Famicom), Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Atari 8-bit Computers, Atari 7800 and similar 8-bit and 16-bit games consoles and home computers from the 1980s and the early 1990s.

The ZQuest Creator allow you as a game developer to create adventure games 'out of the box' in a style similar to the original NES 'Legend of Zelda', or 'Spiritual Warfare', using non-infringing assets in the default module.

Other modules exist as templates for different styles of games, and as a content creator, you can create your own module formats and via our ZScript Programming Language, you can programme your own game code, both (or either) as extensions to the already available, powerful, versatile, and robust engine that ZQuest Creator provides; or write a wholly original game system using powerful C-Style syntax with elements borrowed from FreePascal and from Ruby peppered into it as expanded syntax.

Some examples of games already created in this engine include clones of Arkanoid, Pong, Breakout, Dragon Quest, Donkey Kong and other platformers.

As a creator, you can generate content using this entirely free, and open source software suite, and you may publish your game either as a free product under the GLP v3, or as a commercial product under the Creative Comons attributions License, or using a compatible license.

Because ZQuest Modules are designed to permit rebranding, you may distribute both the game, and the software required to play the game, along with all of our extensions to support modern OS and Video Driver configurations for Windows using the included DirectX and GDI drivers, and the pre-packaged DirectX to OpenGL library DXGL--all under your own company name, product name, and with custom splash screens and options for fastloading..

While at this time, the current version is not available for Linux, we have released prior versions for Linux, and a 32-bit Linux build is planned for the future.

Sadly, due to restrictions that Apple have placed on open source software developers, and Apple Killing Support for OpenGL and Quartz, and Apple Terminating Support for 32-bit Software, no version of ZQuest Creator is planned for OSX at this time, although this may change in the future.

OpenZC, The ZQuest Classic Player

The ZQuest Classic Player is the user/player-end half of the programme suite. It is used to launch and execute custom games, and internally available (pre-built) games (called 'Quests'). ZQuest Classic Player includes a selection of these pre-designed quests that you may play, and that you may modify freely to your own purposes.

Further, ZQuest Classic Player is capable of playing the full library of hundreds of existing quests (and using the extant resources) from the former 'Zelda Classic' game engine, from which it was derived, that have been released over the past twenty-one years!

OpenZC, ROMView

ROMView is a legacy application that allows exploring game ROM files for their graphical contents, and extracting thoise contents. While we include this with the ZQuest Creator Suite, it is a partially deprecated programme and has limited support. Most, if not all of the functions of ROMView are now built into the ZQuest Creator Tile Editor, which allows loading many file formats, including a variety of classic game ROMs to rip graphics for hobby projects, or to mimic NES ROM Hack games.

OpenZC, ZLaunch

ZQuest Creator Suite includes a launching programe, zlaunch that allows running any of the three included primary programmes, and configuring many of their properties using a tabbed GUI that allows a high degree of customisation.

OpenZC, Addon Accessories

The ZQuest Creator Suite includes the following addon-accessory software:

  • DXGL, Standalone : This is a conversion layer that translates DirectX library calls to OpenGL, required by some newer video chipsets anddrivers, particularly when using Windows 10.
  • AntiMicro, Standalone : A fully standalone version of the AntiMicro game controller mapping utility, that allows mapping newer style gamepads and extra controls to legacy drivers via keyboard controller mapping.
  • OpenZC, Utilities

    The ZQuest Creator Suite includes the following utilities:

  • Allegro Grabber : This utility allows modification of the .dat files used by ZC Modules. Some assets have no password, and the remainder use the password longtan.
  • Allegro Font Editor : This utility allows modification and creation of bitmap fonts used by the various *fonts.dat files used by ZC Modules.
  • Allegro Sprite Editor : This utility allowsyou to create, modify and edit 8bbp sprite graphics and other 8bbp indexed palette graphics.